Practices of Self-Fashioning

I am attending a really stimulating conference at the Carl von Ossietzky Universität, Oldenburg (Konferenzen und Workshops). It’s a tough schedule (PDF), and I’m really jet lagged, but the discussions are lively nonetheless. (I really wish my German was, well, existent.) When I’m less exhausted I’ll post more, but for now the paper that sticks in my mind (possibly because it was the only one I feel I properly understood because it was in English) is Dr Babette Hellemans’. Dr Hellemans, a professor at Groningen, presented an outline of a research project in development, one that looks at education in the 12th-century, just before the rise of universities particularly in relation to the (bio)diversity of knowledge—what were all the ways people could know things back then? Were there more ways-to-know than there were after institutionalisation in universities? Who had access to knowledge and how? Those kinds of questions. Fascinating work.