Useful Resource for Exploring Lived Experience in Higher Ed

I recently came across this useful resource compiled by Dr Dina Belluigi (Queens University Belfast). Belluigi writes:

Formal courses in Higher Education Studies aim to engage those working within and researching the context of higher education with scholarship. This Archive provides an additional alternative space to explore the complexities of lived experience(s) in higher education, and extend the imaginative, expressive, empathetic and projective possibilities of such engagement. Thus the ‘texts’ here include literature (popular fiction, non-fiction, novels and short stories etc), film, TV series, music, plays and visual art. The aim is for this to have a borderless focus. You are invited to peruse and to contribute to this archive – either by suggesting titles or events to me (Dina Belluigi via or by sending your own brief take on those texts you’ve engaged with. Any language or format. … (Note that the texts included herein are diverse, and are not representative of my own opinion nor that of the institutions with which I am affiliated. Many are counter-narratives, and so may be provocative or challenging of prevalent norms). The site serves as a link to where the text can be accessed, not a repository, and as such is about facilitating access, not claiming author/ownership.